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$ 100 /mo For businesses with up to 10 machines who want the same leg up on the competition that the big guys get. Get Started
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Pricing Built Around You
Have more than 500 machines? Let Yard Club tailor a plan specific to your organization.
How many users can I add?
As many as you want! It's your technology; why limit it to a subset of your team? All of our plans include unlimited users so everyone can work together to increase utilization and streamline management processes.
How do you treat my rentals?
You can add unlimited rentals to your platform! They are not included in your fleet count for determining which package is right for you.
How do you protect my information?
Yard Club knows how critical it is to keep your information safe. We use 128-bit SSL encryption to encrypt all traffic between our customers and our servers. In addition, we have safety flags that are triggered upon any unauthorized attempt to access information. In short, it's your information, and we make sure it’s secure.
What if my fleet grows?
You can always upgrade plans if your fleet grows beyond your current machine allowance. Once you let us know you would like to change plans, we will seamlessly upgrade your account, so you can focus on your growing business instead of your equipment management technology.
What do I have to download to my computer?
Nothing! Once your account is set up, just open up your web browser and you'll be able to immediately access the system from any computer with internet access.
Does Yard Club Fleet work on iOS and Android Phones? What about Mac and PCs?
Yes and yes! We build native apps for both iOS and Android to make sure our platform works perfectly for you, no matter what phone is in your pocket. Similarly, our website platform can be accessed from any computer with internet access.