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Mobilize Your Job

Our mobile apps allow you to escape the desk and manage your business anywhere - from the jobsite to the golf course. The benefits of mobile do not stop at your office, though.

Our intuitive mobile data entry allows your operators and foremen to snap photos, track utilization, request service, and much more with the touch of a button. Yard Club Fleet instantly analyzes and organizes that information for the back office, no matter where that back office might be.

Maximize ROI

All aspects of Yard Club Fleet are designed to help you get the most out of your machines. Our analysis and reporting features give you the tools to make data-driven rental, purchase, and dispatch decisions. Our inspection, service, and maintenance features help you minimize machine downtime that can cripple a project’s bottom line. Our dispatch, tracking, and fleet visibility capabilities give you the power to optimize your fleet for peak utilization, so that machines never sit idle when they could be put to work.

Modernize Management

Construction is a competitive and time-consuming industry. Let Yard Club handle some of the workload so you can focus on getting ahead of the pack. View your entire fleet at a glance and move equipment from the yard to the jobsite and back with the click of a button. Consolidate all relevant documentation, including maintenance reports, inspections, and contracts, in an easily accessible repository. All the while, our cloud-hosted technology stack and communication features keep your entire team on the same page.

Dispatch scheduling icon 365fc729357704603ba31928f8b2f70e6be15b8b1953852f6d12c0aad84f4a40 Dispatch & Scheduling Losing track of buckets and backhoes is a thing of the past. Move, manage, and maintain your equipment with a glance and a click using our birds-eye Dispatch and Scheduling tools.
Rental management icon 0dd920aa3e11c7411592573c7e27a1ca93ec402b26e0c973a438099097c5a63a Rental Management Seamlessly manage owned and rented equipment side-by-side and make data-driven rental decisions using our Rentals page.
Document consolidation icon 5146dce1cb4ff15a5a87642e5479387d4dd30c7fc20a4fab0fe1ae1c2ba68e73 Document Consolidation Ditch the headache of a cluttered desk and consolidate all relevant documentation, including maintenance reports, inspections, and contracts, in one easily accessible place.
Rental management icon 0dd920aa3e11c7411592573c7e27a1ca93ec402b26e0c973a438099097c5a63a Fleet Visibility Never rent when you have an owned piece sitting idle nearby. Our Fleet Visibility tools allow foremen to see the status of the fleet so that they can work with the office to increase utilization.
Dispatch scheduling icon 365fc729357704603ba31928f8b2f70e6be15b8b1953852f6d12c0aad84f4a40 Team Communication Your time is too valuable to play phone tag. Streamline communication between the shop, the jobsite, and the office so that everyone stays on the same page.
Mobile icon dark c6d10be59367c699420227630dda7d317de2aa4b81d788d41297701e0e89a57d Inspections & Reports Automate inspections and reports with our intuitive mobile data entry. Instead of fumbling with forms that can get lost between the site and the office, your foremen will gather information, including utilization and fuel, with a snap of their phones.
Graph icon light b6b66629451dacf5c7d7d9a2b06954ac0b8fe1a3f9291c4bfa68308ee951dbd8 Service & Maintenance Keep your machines out of the shop and on the job with our maintenance and repair features and our service tracking and communication tools.
Mobile icon dark c6d10be59367c699420227630dda7d317de2aa4b81d788d41297701e0e89a57d Mobile Apps Yard Club's mobile apps are not a glorified link to the website. We specifically design native mobile applications that can harness all the potential of mobile to empower your business.