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  • Find

    Search for equipment and add any required attachments or special requests. Yard Club makes it easy to find exactly what you need to keep jobsites moving.

  • Book

    Specify details like start date, job site location and transportation needs. Get fast quotes from our dealer partners and confirm rentals in a matter of minutes.

  • Manage

    Keep your fleet up-to-date with tools to manage availability, location, pricing, equipment feedback and real time Telematics data.

Our Customers

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"Yard Club has proven itself as the best way to find, order and track rental equipment without spending hours on the phone."

Scott Stempinksi,
Pulice Construction

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"I like Yard Club because of its ability to quote and rental equipment from dealers without having to speak with anyone in person if I am in the middle of a meeting as well as written documentation being available to look back on if any questions arise. It minimizes the time involved with requesting information regarding rental equipment."

Tony Fullington,
James Construction

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"I like that I can see all of my rentals in one place, and metrics around how much use each machine is getting so that I can optimize utilization of machines across worksites."

Calwest General

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"Yard Club was very user friendly and straightforward for our rental. We put out a request and within moments had multiple replies back. We used to scour the internet for equipment rentals when we had to work in a new city, now we will use Yard Club."

Daveida Quinn, Pacific Blasting and Demolition

Suppliers Powered by Yard Club

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Yard Club Members can manage, track, request and rent out equipment from the convenience of your mobile phone.

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